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Control is a company that operates in the field of non-destructive controls and laboratory tests since 1968 and is therefore one of the oldest companies in the Italian sector.
Thanks to its staff experience and professionality Control carries out its work in continuous training, open to innovation technology and new techniques. Control is recognized by all major Third Party as: RINA SERVICE SPA, ISTITUTO ITALIANO DELLA SALDATURA, CICPND, LLRR, BVI, DNV, TUV, INAIL.

Our services

Non Destructive Control (NDT)

Control performs Non Destructive in the areas of Industrial Plant, Chemical, Food, Facilities On-shore and Off-shore.

Non Destructive Controls are a set of examination or test carried out by different techniques in order to verify the integrity of the object, without destroying it or modifying the chemical and physical composition of the material.

Laboratory and Destructive Tests Sector

Control performs destructive tests on metallic and not metallic material following National and International Codes and Laws.

The continuous adaptation to the production system needs allows us to provide unique solutions and customized.
National and international standards, current legislation, European laws, customer’s specifications and the experience gained over the years by experts of the Institute are the knowledge of our laboratory.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is:
    • Provide services / products able to satisfy our Clients
    • Check costumers needs and improve the level of their satisfaction
    • Work professionally free from any external influence
    • Keep the confidentiality on Clients data and on test results

Where work

Control works in Italy and abroad with specialized technician and modern equipment.

Control executes all type of NDT controls and laboratory tests on wide range of products.

The main areas of control activities are:

    • Italy (including islands)
    • England
    • Kazakistan
    • Albania
    • Egypt
    • Mexico
    • Ghana
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Cyprus
    • Congo
    • Algeria
    • Bulgaria
    • Azerbaijan
    • Ivory Cost

We are in vendor list of:

    • Alstom-Power Italia
    • C.M.I. di Camillozzi
    • Cimolai Spa
    • Comart Srl
    • Conoco Philips
    • Cosmi Spa
    • Duemme Srl
    • Edison
    • ELF
    • ENEL
    • ENI Spa
    • Exxon Mobil
    • F.lli Righini Srl
    • Fincantieri
    • Gruppo Antonini
    • Gruppo Gas Plus Spa
    • Marcegaglia
    • Mega Srl
    • Micoperi Spa
    • Nuova OMA
    • Nuovo Arsenale Cartubi
    • Nuovo pignone Spa
    • OCR Off. Costruzioni Ravenna
    • Officine Maraldi Spa
    • Paresa Spa
    • Polynt Spa
    • R.S.I. Ravenna
    • Renco Spa
    • Rivoira Spa
    • Rosetti Marino Spa
    • Saipem Spa
    • SNAM Rete Gas Spa
    • Total
    • Tozzi Holding Spa
    • Versalis Spa
    • Yara Spa


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